Italian craftsmanship is renowned for its attention to detail, natural precious stone added to shoe, premium quality materials, and artistic design. Our Italian-made high-heel shoes combine luxury and natural precious stone, ensuring a unique and sophisticated product.

Absolutely. We source only the finest materials for our Tigre Rosa high-heel shoes, including premium leather, suede, and other high-quality components, ensuring authenticity and durability.

We take pride in our commitment to transparency. Our “Made in Italy” label guarantees that each pair is crafted in Italy by skilled artisans using traditional techniques and materials sourced locally.

Yes, our Tigre Rosa high-heel shoes prioritize both style and comfort. The craftsmanship includes ergonomic design and premium materials to ensure a comfortable and luxurious experience even during extended wear.

Currently, we offer a curated collection of Tigre Rosa high-heel shoes, and customization options may be limited. However, we continually strive to introduce new styles that cater to various tastes and preferences.



Follow the care instructions provided with your shoes. Italian-made shoes often use delicate materials, and proper care, such as using protective sprays and storing them in a cool, dry place, is essential for maintaining their beauty.


While not all materials may be fully sustainable, we prioritize ethical and sustainable practices in our production process. Our commitment is to create beautiful products with minimal impact on the environment.